Patriot's Ranch Presents...Knights of Mayhem Ultimate Jousting Championship


The Knights of Mayhem is an Ultimate Jousting Championship competition sport featuring current Heavy Armored World Champion, Charlie Andrews and his Knights of Mayhem, as well as other knights from across the United States. 

Will jousting be the next extreme sport? Charlie Andrews is working towards that goal with his knights. Knights of Mayhem wear 130 pounds of heavy armor, ride on 1500-2000 pound horses and use 11 foot solid lances. 

All armor is hand made with stainless steel. It is styled after Milanese and King Henry VIII's armor from the 1500's and 1600's.

Charlie Andrews started the Knights of Mayhem out of his own pocket, competing at Renaissance Festivals. He is now taking his Knights to a different level, making this a real sport, taking heavy armored jousting out of the theatrical arenas to real life competitions.

These events promise to be high impact, heavy armored jousting on an epic scale.